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Beginner’s Workshop on Research in Social Science-II, From JUNE 27,2021. Every Sunday 06.00PM-08.00 PM /IST 10 HRS, 20 SEATS

                                                 Beginner’s Workshop on Research in Social Science-II Graduate, Post Graduate, Research Scholars, & Anyone who wants to be a Researcher can Attend. Resource Person Dr Elangovan N Associate Professor Phd Coordinator for Management programme CHRIST (Deemed to be University) CLICK TO REGISTER

Basic Theatre Workshop, EVERY SATURDAY FROM JUNE 26,2021. 06.00 PM- 08.00 PM /IST, 15 HOURS 20 SEATS

                                                             Basic Theatre Workshop Anyone Eager to Learn can Join Rajesh P.I. Actor, Director, Theatre Trainer, Wellness Coach, Reiki Healer, Content Writer, Audio Book Narrator, Founder - The Actors Collective EVERY SATURDAY FROM JUNE 26,2021. 06.00 PM- 08.00 PM /IST CLICK TO REGISTER

Online Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods, FROM JUNE.12.2021. (EVERY SATURDAY FROM) 6.00PM-7.30PM IST

                           Online Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods Who should attend? Students, Research Scholars, Teachers and Researchers. Dr Anuradha Sathiyaseelan Professor Department of Psychology CHRIST (Deemed to be University) FROM JUNE.12.2021. (EVERY SATURDAY FROM) 6.00PM-7.30PM IST CLICK TO REGISTER

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY IN SOCIAL SCIENCE FOR BEGINNERS, From June 05,2021. Every Saturday & Sunday 06.00PM-08.00 PM /IST

  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY IN SOCIAL SCIENCE    FOR BEGINNERS                                                                 Resource Person DR.HARIKUMAR P.N PhD (Commerce),PhD (Management) Professor, School of Business Management & Legal Studies University of Kerala, Karyavattom, Trivandrum, Kerala. From June 05,2021. Every Saturday & Sunday 06.00PM-08.00 PM /IST 20 HRS, 30 SEATS CLICK TO REGISTER

MAESTRO MUSIC SERIES: David Griffiths: MAY 08, 2021 @ 12.30PM-01-30PM. IST

 MAESTRO MUSIC SERIES : With David Griffiths ORGANISED BY Nodal Office & Department of Music,  CHRIST ( Deemed to be University) REGISTER